The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
Issue 3/2007     17. Sep. 2007
17. Sep. 2007
Pages: 151 - 190

Page 151
Editorial: Laser - Quo Vadis?
Wittschier, Manfred
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Page 155-159
Effects of Different Laser Devices on Oral Soft Tissues: In Vitro Experience
Romeo, Umberto / Del Vecchio, Alessandro / Ripari, Francesca / Palaia, Gaspare / Chiappafreddo, Celeste / Tenore, Gianluca / Visca, Paolo
Page 161-166
Comparative Efficacy Analysis of Biomaterials and Soft Lasers in Repair of Bone Defects
Obradovic, Radmila / Kesic, Ljiljana / Mihailovic, Dragan / Ignjatovic, Nenad / Uskokovic, Dragan
Page 167-174
Er:YAG Laser Ablation of Bovine Bone Tissue: Morphological Evaluation and Ablation Rate
Lizarelli, Rosane de Fátima Zanirato / Govone, Angelo Biasi / Pelino, José Eduardo Pelizon / Bagnato, Vanderlei Salvador
Page 175-181
Low-level Infrared Laser Therapy for Chemo- or Radiotherapy-induced Oral Mucositis: A Randomized, Placebo-controlled Study
Kuhn, Alessandra / Vacaro, Giovana / Almeida, Denise / Machado, Álvaro / Braghini, Pedro B. / Shilling, Marco A. / Guerra, Lieverson / Brunetto, Algemir Lunardi