The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
Issue 4/2006     30. Nov. 2006
30. Nov. 2006
Pages: 251 - 311

Page 251
Editorial: Taking Up a New Challenge
Moritz, Andreas / Beer, Franziska
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Page 259-263
Effect of Electrosurgery and Laser Gingivoplasty on the Temperature of Pulp, Bone, and Gingivae In Vitro
Millar, Brian J. / Louca, Christos / Davies, Brian R.
Page 265-276
Morphological and Compositional Changes in Human Teeth following 9.6-um CO2 Laser Irradiation In Vitro
Nagai, Kaori / Kinoshita, Jun-Ichiro / Kimura, Yuichi / Matsumoto, Koukichi
Page 277-283
The Use of Laser-ablation Rate to Evaluate the Quality of Cure in Light-polymerized Composite Resins
Lizarelli, Rosane de Fátima Zanirato / Moriyama, Lílian Tan / Pelino, José Eduardo Pelizon / Bagnato, Vanderlei Salvador
Page 285-290
Argon Laser and Remineralizing Solution Treatment Effects on Root Surface Caries
Westerman, Gary H. / Powell, G. Lynn / Flaitz, Catherine M. / Hicks, M. John
Page 291-299
Erbium Chromium Laser in Pulp Capping Treatment
Olivi, Giovanni / Genovese, Maria Daniela
Page 301-306
Treatment of Pyogenic Granuloma with a Laser-powered Hydrokinetic System: Case Report
Boj, Juan R. / Hernandez, Miguel / Poirier, Clervie / Espasa, Enrique
Page 307-311
Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Lower Lip with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser
Niccoli-Filho, Walter / Murilo-Santos, Lucio / Schubert, Mark M. / Morosolli, Aline Rose Cantarelli