The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
Issue 1/2006     20. Mar. 2006
20. Mar. 2006
Pages: 3 - 61

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Page 7-21
Erbium Lasers and Adhesion to Tooth Structure
De Moor, Roeland J. G./Delmé, Katleen I. M.
Page 23-28
Compositional and Structural Changes of Human Dentin Following Er,Cr: YSGG Laser Irradiation In Vitro
Hossain, Mozammal/Kinoshita, Jun-Ichiro/Yamada, Yoshishge/Jahan, K. M. Rownak/Nakamura, Yukio/Matsumoto, Koukichi
Page 29-37
Comparison of Adjunctive Nd:YAG Laser Treatment to Antimicrobial Treatment
Verhagen, Leon A. M./Ellis, Jules L.
Page 39-42
A Comparison of Postoperative Pain Parameters Between C02 Laser and Scalpel Biopsies
Strauss, Robert A./Jones, Gary/Wojtkowski, Dorothy E.
Page 43-52
Influence of Different Er:YAG Laser Energies and Frequencies on the Surface Morphology of Dentin and Enamel
Delmé, Katleen I. M./Deman, Peter J./De Bruyne, Mieke A. A./De Moor, Roeland J.G.
Page 53-58
Pulpotomy with Laser in Primary and Young Permanent Teeth
Furze, Hugo A./Furze, María Eugenia
Page 59-61
Nd:YAG Laser Usage Under General Anesthesia in a Mentally Retarded Patient
Shirani, A. M./Kaviani, N./Abui, M. Shah