The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
Issue 4/2004     14. Dec. 2004
14. Dec. 2004
Pages: 231 - 289

Page 231
Editorial: As time goes by...
Beer, Franziska
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Page 235-248
Laser Treatment of Hard Tissue Lesions
Matsumoto, Koukichi
Page 249-255
SEM Evaluation of Canal Walls After Nd:YAG Laser Removal of Gutta-Percha
Majori, M./Bedini, R./Filippini, P./Altamura, C./Caiazza, S.
Page 257-261
Temperature Response of Permanent Teeth Bleached with a Blue LED System
de Fátima Zanirato Lizarelli, Rosane/Moriyama, Lílian Tan/Pelizon Pelino, José Eduardo/Bagnato, Vanderlei Salvador
Page 263-270
Comparison of the Emission Characteristics of Three Erbium Laser Systems - A Physical Case Report
Straßl, Martin/Üblacker, Barbara/Bäcker, Alexandra/Beer, Franziska/Moritz, Andreas/Wintner, Ernst
Page 271-278
Laser Therapy for Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Critical Appraisal
Benetti, Ana Raquel/Franco, Eduardo Batista/Franco, Eric Jacomino/Pereira, José Carlos
Page 279-283
Nd:YAG Diodium Laser used in Dental Surgery
Schmid, Karl Udo
Page 285-289
Diode Laser Surgery on Schwannoma of the Tongue: Case Report
Crippa, Rolando/Angiero, Francesca, Calcagnile, Federica/Stefani, Michele