The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
Issue 3/2004     25. Oct. 2004
25. Oct. 2004
Pages: 155 - 215

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Page 159-166
Lasers in Endodontics - A Practical Overview
Moritz, Andreas/Schoop, Ulrich/Klimscha, Johannes/Goharkhay, Kawe
Page 171-173
Super VSP Er: YAG Pulses for Fast and Precise Cavity Preparation
Lukac, Matjaz/Marincek, Marko/Grad, Ladislav
Page 175-182
Laser-assisted Apex Sealing: Results of a Pilot Study
Schoop, Ulrich/Moritz, Andreas/Kluger, Wolf/Starzengruber, Peter/Goharkhay, Kawe/Wernisch, Johann/Sperr, Wolfgang
Page 183-190
The Use of 980-nm Diode and 1064-nm Nd:YAG Laser for Gingival Retraction in Fixed Prostheses
Gherlone, Enrico F./Maiorana, Carlo/Grassi, Roberto F./Ciancaglini, Riccardo/Cattoni, Francesca