The Journal of Oral Laser Applications
J Oral Laser Applications 10 (2010), No. 4     14. June 2011
J Oral Laser Applications 5 (2005), No. 3  (14.09.2005)

Page 135-143

The State of the Art of Lasers in Esthetics and Prosthodontics
Eduardo, Carlos de Paula/de Freitas, Patrícia Moreira/Gaspar, Lajos
This article puts forward the state of the art of laser in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry from a clinical point of view, based on research that supports the indications described. A review of relevant studies provides an overview of possibilities and limitations of the use of lasers in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Numerous studies in the literature have reported the benefits of laser use, and based on the laboratory and clinical evidence, a protocol for use of lasers in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry is suggested. Understanding how high- and low-intensity lasers may be employed in soft- and hard-tissue management may help the professional in selecting the best protocol for a specific clinical application. This understanding is important to clinical success, where excellence in esthetics should parallel oral health maintenance.

Keywords: esthetics, lasers, prosthodontics